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A long time ago I knew an elderly Asian gentleman who was well traveled and educated.  He had lived through world wars one and two.  He had lived in both China and Japan during the worst times and had to flee China with his family to avoid starvation during the days of Mao.  I have always been interested in understanding both of those countries as well as the United States.  When I asked how to understand Japan, China, and the United States he was quick to answer on the first two.  He said that if you understood tradition that China was an open book and that the same was true for Japan if you understood devotion as they do.

He paused, however, about the United States.  He said that from the point of view of most cultures the United States was a mystery.  Many theories were put forward but that none of them seemed to nail down a specific cultural element that was common and, therefore, they all fell short.   We are a melting pot that defies a specific path to understanding he declared.  All attempts had failed.  He and others simply could not find a path that was even remotely correct on a consistent basis.  That was the state of cultural anthropologists overseas at the time.

I wish he were still alive because many years later I think I have discovered it.  What they were missing was something that had never existed before.  The world had always been run by the same types until recently so they assumed that they were looking for something that had always existed.  They thought they were looking for one of the myriad historical cultural themes.  It was, however, right in front of them the whole time and even Americans, especially those in power, still miss or forget it even here at home on a regular basis.  To make it even harder for them is the fact that almost none of them understood what it means as Americans do.  It is called freedom.  If you understand freedom as Americans do you will understand America just as understanding tradition or devotion as the Chinese or Japanese do will give you and understanding of them.

That is especially true in current events today.  I have seen it in many elements of our society today but the most glaring example is the complete and utter lack of understanding and inability to explain the attraction of Donlad Trump and Ben Carson in the presidential primary campaign.  The reason they cannot understand is the same problem that plagued King George and Marie Antoinette.  They have been in an influence peddling bubble so long they no longer remember how free men think and live.

No matter where they go or what they do the influence peddlers live in a bubble.  Nothing ever changes.  They make deals with other influence peddlers.  They do nothing that doesn’t benefit them.  They never negotiate but instead create partisan dictatorships that tell people only what they want to hear long enough to stay in power.  They become the epitome of entitled and untouchable in a way no average free man would be allowed or respect.  They do nothing with courage unless it is without risk.  They say nothing unless their position is threatened.  They go along to get along.  They never truly negotiate.

Even the average pundit on television is only there because he has access to one of these bubbles and is highly influenced by and a proponent of that bubble.  Very few actual independent and common sense advocates of American freedom actually exist in the media.  It is no wonder they dominate the information that people are ‘allowed’.  The result is that they are as lacking in understanding and as surprised as those they tout.

The average American negotiates every day for a better future in one way or another.  What they see in Trump and Carson are negotiators.  They don’t expect them to never make mistakes or to never change their negotiating position (which they know is not a flip flop).  Americans have been marginalized by partisan dictatorships.  They are looking for someone to negotiate real representation for them.  They recognize a real negotiation because they are free men who work for a living and don’t live in an entitled bubble.  They are tired of being marginalized into unemployment and welfare for the sake of a voting block.  At that point they will be completely ignored and calling them stupid will be successful.  Americans are not stupid or crazy as King George called them.  They are free.  Their inclination towards outsiders today is simply the natural reaction of free people… not of stupid or crazy fringe groups.

Generations of freedom have created a mindset that can only be broken by importing voters who do not understand freedom.  It was easy to make immigration an issue because Americans are not stupid and inherently understand that their freedom and prosperity is at stake.  If you want to know what is at the root of the American disgust for influence peddlers you need look no further.  They get freedom.  It is the politicians, pundits, and other influence peddlers who forgot and were dumbfounded.  All you needed to ignite that fire was someone to come out and say it loud enough the influence peddlers couldn’t silence it.  Even Carly Fiorina managed to tap into it without being able to articulate it.  That is the only reason she is not up there with Trump and Carson.

The truth is that outside of the United States there is very little understanding of freedom as Americans understand it and live it.  The rest of the world has been run by influence peddlers since there were men.  America and freedom are new to the world and there has never been generational freedom before.  This is why we want people to ‘assimilate’.  It doesn’t happen over night.  Politicians are highly prone towards becoming entitled, becoming partisan, and to reverting to biz as usual (as it has been and is done in most most of the world for most of history), and to forgetting what it is to be a free American.

The day they forget that or start marginalizing it they have become influence peddlers.  Americans have instinctively recognized that since the days of King George and they are not only not stupid… they have long memories.  Generational and cultural memories.  They have now awakened a sleeping dog and it is quite possible that the old ways of party campaigning are over forever.  America is looking for real leaders.  If you want to read more about what that really is from an Americans point of view then read Common Sense V2.  The simple common sense fact is that influence peddlers have obtained far more sway than freedom can tolerate for long periods.  Americans are ending it.  The recent events are a long way from the last things the politicians and pundits will not be able understand or predict.

They have awakened a sleeping dog… they should pray they don’t get bit.

Thank you for your time and may you have a long, free, and prosperous life.

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